Asset training and Consultancy specialises in the delivery of Apprenticeships and Nationally recognised qualifications as well as customised courses.
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A Traineeship is designed to help young people who want to get an apprenticeship or job but don't yet have the appropriate skills or experience. 

Traineeships are for young people aged 16-24 and prepare them for their future careers and help them become 'work ready'.

A Traineeship provides the essential work preparation training, maths and English and the vital work experience needed to get an Apprenticeship or a job. 

What are the benefits of a Traineeship? 

How long will a Traineeship last?

The programme will last up to 26 weeks and will include: 

 Check out the 'Apprenticeship Vacancies' page for any Traineeship opportunities we may have. 

Interested in starting a Traineeship or have any queries? Please email - 




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